C O M I N G  S O O N

V I E W  M O R E


Welcome to the Masquerade (2017)

Dealt with how we all go to church and put on our Mask of everything is ok and we are on our way, but behind the mask is where the truth lies.  Until we remove these mask we can never be healed or whole in the Lord. 

Welcome To The Masquerade is derived from the book

"Behind the Mask" written by Sandra E. Phipps

Broken 2016


Broken (2016)  One affair causes a fall out that a marriage and family may remain broken.  The question soon becomes can God salvage what has been broken?

Damsel Arise 2015

Humble Beginnings

Damsel Arise was performed several time at New Shiloh Full Gospel M.B.C the home church of our founder J.E. Green. but in 2015 J.E.Green

stepped out with God and performed Damsel Arise on stage at the Columbus Black Theater Festival.  A great success, that caused her to return in 2016 with "Broken" and in 2017 with "Welcome to he Masquerade."

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